Outside In, by architect Takeshi Hosaka, is definitely one of the most inventive designs we’ve seen for incorporating nature into homes.

Based on the traditional Japanese ideal of having a harmonious relationship with nature, Outside In has a saw-toothed roof that let in natural light through skylights at the peaks, and a zoned living space that transitions from public to private. Check out these photos to get a peek at the project!

The home was designed for a couple with three children. The cozy and functional bedroom is organized into bunks.

With nature being such an integral part of the design, the garden is actually part of the house

Skylights built into the zig-zagged roof provide ample natural light that changes during the day

The designs are simple and modern, and communal spaces provide access the outside with sliding glass doors

What do you think of the space? We love its use of natural light and close connection to the outdoors.

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