We here at BuzzBuzzHome care a whole lot about real estate, but we also care about other Canadian treasures too. Especially when they’re made in cute little wintery wonderland cabins…

So obviously we were alarmed to read that Canada is expecting a potential syrup shortage because recent warm weather is cutting the season short. Eastern Canadian syrup producers, who normally produce about two million litres per year, are only getting between 20-50% of their normal crops.

But fear not — prices for the sweet treat should be staying the same.

“We don’t want consumers to think it’s absolutely not out there any more, but there’s less,” said Ray Bonenberg, president of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association in a recent interview with The Globe and Mail.

“A lot of the product is already sold and you charge the price that you would normally expect to charge. Most producers are not about capitalizing on a shortage and shoving a lot of that on the consumer.”

Of course it’s not good news for the producers and farmers, who will be making less than average profits this year, but hopefully sales will be high.

We gathered up some pictures of the coolest looking sugar shacks we could find. Check them out!

This is Benton’s Sugar Shack in Thornton, NH. We love its GIANT woodpile!

Dry Brook Sugar House has a seriously cool vibe. And wagon rides? Sign us up!

Sucrerie du terroir, just outside of Gatineau, has the rustic look down with an awesome red trim. Looks cozy!

We love this modern and cool private sugar shack that was shot by dawnzy58 on Flickr.

The Gibbons Family Farm sugar house in Franville, ON, is huge compared to most shacks!

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