Justin Bieber, Canada’s number one cultural export, can’t get the mortgage he needs on the 9,000 square foot estate in Calabasas, California he wants to buy really badly. We should probably have a moment of silence or something.

Okay, now we’re ready to move on to the juicy details. According to a recent TMZ story, Justin made an offer on the property, but ran into resistance from his business manager when the property didn’t appraise near the $7 million+ asking price.

His business manager insisted that Justin get a mortgage, but because the property appraised well-below the asking price, he can’t get the mortgage he wants.

Now it’s come down to haggling over the price though TMZ writes that while the Biebster is willing to pay $6 million, the current owner isn’t playing ball.

Haggling with some 18 year old punk kid over a multi-million dollar home; that’s the post-housing crisis world we’re living in folks!

Here’s some pics of the luxury abode that Biebs is after:

Hang in there Justin!

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