We first reported on plans for an IKEA neighbourhood back in December, but since then more details have emerged on the proposed East London community!

Upon thinking of an IKEA neighbourhood, North Americans might be imagining ubiquitous IKEA stores and/or a Disney Celebration-esque vibe. Thankfully, the IKEA ‘hoods will have a totally different appeal.

“We are in keeping with the IKEA philosophy: We don’t want to produce for the rich or the super-rich; we want to produce for the families, for the people,” Harald Müller said to the Globe and Mail. Müller is the head of LandProp, the property-development branch of Inter IKEA, the company that invests the profits from the furnishing giant.

“Our approach must be to get the right housing and office prices while delivering very good quality at the same time,” he added. “We want to be smart enough in our design that we can offer the product for a reasonable price.”

The neighbourhood will be home to some 6,000 renters. 40% of the 1,200 planned homes and condos will be family-sized, but the area won’t just be limited to housing. Offices and a hotel will line the neighbourhood, and underground parking will hide beneath the blocks to allow a heavy focus on transit, public areas, and pedestrian access.

Still need to know more? Check out this cool graphic!

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