We all know that Toronto is kind of a big deal when it comes to culture, business and politics, but how exactly does one go about measuring a city’s clout at the international scale?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs has a way. The organization ranked 66 world cities based on factors like human capital, information exchange, political engagement, business activity, and cultural experience and published the rankings as the “Global Cities Index“. 

Toronto made the top twenty, coming in at 16 in between Boston and San Francisco. The top five consisted of New York City at number one followed by London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The factors were not equally weighted. Business activity and human capital were the most significant clout indicators while political engagement was the least important of the five.

While Toronto scored higher than Boston in business activity, Beantown edged out the Big Smoke in human capital and information exchange (we’re not exactly sure why, but we’re confident it has something to do with Harvard and MIT).

Check out a chart of the results here!

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