edition richmond exterior rendering Space is a classic point of contention in the ongoing debate over the benefits of the condo lifestyle versus the pros of the suburban home.

“There’s not enough of it in so many of the condo units being built today!” say the condo crowd’s detractors.

“If you want to live downtown you need to make space sacrifices,” the condo crowd will fire back.

Well, with their Edition/Richmond project, Curated Properties have found some middle ground. They’re appealing to those who like the convenience of downtown condo living, but also want the space that only a house typically affords.

As far as locations go, they don’t get much better than the ‘hood where Edition/Richmond is situated. A stroll in Trinity Bellwoods park, shopping on the Queen West strip, a drink at one of the myriad bars and cafes in easy walking distance — sounds like the ideal day, right?

So, clearly Edition/Richmond isn’t lacking in the convenience department, but what about the space factor?

The Queen West-area development has suites ranging in size from 1000 to 2000 square feet with prices starting from the $700’s. The suites are designed to maximize the space, so even though residents will have a lot of it, none if it will be going to waste.

It also helps that the Curated Properties company philosophy is centred around curating the entire process for their buyers. Adam Ochshorn, the co-founder of Curated Properties, explained to us in a recent Buzz Talk interview that adherence to this philosophy will make it easier for buyers to create the type of space they want without having to jump through any hoops.

While you could potentially purchase a house for a comparable price in some areas of the city, it will probably need some fixing up and renovating to get it up to your standard. With Edition/Richmond, you can purchase large units designed by a top notch interior designer (Cecconi Simone) and architect (AUDAXarchitecture). This way you won’t be spending time and money after your purchase to create your perfect home — you’ll have already purchased the perfect home.

A wise investment? Sounds like it to us!

The townhomes range in size from 1000 to 2000 square feet and are priced from $599,999. For more info email sales@editionrichmond.com or call 416 900 5574. Visit the website by clicking here.

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