the carnaby scale model We don’t mean to brag or anything, but we’re pretty darn good at “suite” talking our way into sales centres before they’re open to the general public.

We just love a good sneak peek, so when the opportunity presents itself, we jump on it! And when an opportunity came to tour The Carnaby sales centre prior to the preview opening that’s coming up this weekend, what do you think we did?

We strolled over with camera in hand to see what the Streetcar Development and Dundee Realty project had to offer. Streetcar has plenty of experience developing in the area. Their 8 Gladstone and 2 Gladstone projects have been tremendous successes and it looks like they’ll be repeating the feat with The Carnaby.

The development will measure in at 20 storeys and boast architecture by TACT Architecture and interior design by Seven Haus.

Those interested in attending the preview this weekend need to make an appointment by phone (call 416 690 9009) or register on The Carnaby website. While you wait for the awesome event, enjoy the scale model and model suite photos below!

the carnaby sales centre

Looks like the perfect place to re-energize after those tiring model suite tours.

carnaby scale model

Love the look of the scale model. One of the great things about The Carnaby is it will have a Metro grocery store in the retail space. Convenience!

the carnaby scale model

The token artistic shot. You've gotta appreciate the scale model maker's attention to detail on this one.

one bedroom + den

On to the model suites! First up, the 615 square foot one bedroom plus den model. The suites sport a clean and minimal look. Seven Haus, the interior designer, didn't let an inch of space go to waste.

one bedroom + plus

Uber-hip. Suite layouts maximize space and light and are generally very efficient.

one bedroom plus den

Kitchens feature an integrated fridge, dishwasher and hood as well as wood veneer cabinetry with metal hardware.

one bedroom + plus

We dig the wallpaper.

two bedroom plus den

Now onto the 760 square foot two bedroom model.

two bedroom plus den

The designers at Seven Haus certainly aren't short on creativity.

two bedroom plus den

This must be our favourite layout. We wonder if every suite comes with a free typewriter...

To attend the sales opening this weekend, call 416 690 9009 to make an appointment or register on the Carnaby website.

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