Calgary’s 6th and Tenth, a new condo project by Lamb Development, is revitalizing the way housing and neighbourhoods relate.

At least that’s according to an article in the Calgary Herald that explores the finer points of the development and interviews key players including the architect and developer.

“In design, you need to go a step further and think about how the building and the residents fit into the context of the neighbourhood,” Babak Eslahjou, principal at Core Architects, told the Herald.

“Each neighbourhood requires a different response — and the response that we wanted to give to this neighbourhood was to inject life on the street. That was where the design really started.”

6th and Tenth infuses well-planned retail space into condo living and unlike other projects, retail space isn’t an afterthought.

“In this case, we wanted something that would really attract people and revitalize the whole area — and start to create offshoots,” Eslahjou says.

“I wanted it to look like a 1950s or 1960s museum in New York and I wanted it to be a destination, so we are putting in this five-star restaurant with super-high ceilings on the main level,” says Brad Lamb, principal at Toronto-based Lamb Development Corp. “We wanted it to be a gathering place where people say: ‘Meet me at 6th and Tenth.’”

But the mingling of retail and condo living is just the beginning of what makes 6th and Tenth stand out. The development features a sleek and sexy design, with each floor having a different pattern that’s reflected in the balcony shapes and skyline.

So why was Calgary chosen for this project?

They think Calgary is the perfect space to unveil and plan exciting new designs.

“Calgary is fresh and exciting,” says Lamb. “It appears to me that it has the potential to be this little Manhattan.”

For more info call 403-239-5511, email, or visit their website.

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