Photos can make or break an online listing. When they go right, even a mediocre home looks like a luxurious palace. And when they go wrong? Well, we’ll let you decide…

Here are some of the worst and most ridiculous real estate listing photos we’ve come across!

Does the shirtless chap and tiny dog come with the place, or are they extra?

We love nature as much as the next guy, but we don’t think we’d give up our tub for it.

If the patchy periwinkle blue walls don’t sell you on this home, the suspicious body-shaped stain in the middle of the floor might.

From small spaces can come really awesome designs… but in this case we’re just seeing health code violations.

We think this is a picture of the kitchen.

At least it’s not AstroTurf?

That doll doesn’t look like it takes to house guests too kindly– or new owners.


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