Do you remember what you were up to when you were 14?

It was a long time ago for us, but we’re pretty sure we weren’t purchasing our first home and becoming a landlord.

But that’s exactly what Willow Tufano, a 14-year-old from Florida, is doing.

After saving $6,000 from antiquing and selling furniture on Craigslist, Willow wanted in on a purchase her mother was eyeing. It was a 3-bedroom fixer-upper valued at $100,000. Her parents doubled her investment, and for $12,000 the house was theirs.

The family fixed up the home together and are already renting it out to tenants, with the rental income being split between the two owners.

Willow plans to save her half to eventually buy out her mom once she’s of legal age. Wee Willow and her mom are partners since Florida requires a homeowner be at least 18 years old.

It’s pretty awesome to see someone so young be getting in the market. Way to make us feel like underachievers, Willow!



Images courtesy of Shannon Moore 

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