A new reality show has hit Surrey Central City Mall, and its all in the name of promoting a condo project.

Wave, a 500-suite Surrey development by Rize Alliance, has built one of its two-bedroom and den suites in the mall, complete with glass walls and three full-time professional actors to navigate the space.

The actors (Leana Yu, Jas Dhillon, and John Perrotta) will spend 10 hours daily in the home for 45 days. The project will also feature eight secondary actors, a CBC scriptwriter, a video and lighting production team, and live web streaming. Word on the street is that local celebrities will be making cameos too.

The two-bedroom and den suite the actors are living in will retail for $209,900.

So what inspired the idea?

“Survivor,” laughs Bill Morrison, president of Pilothouse, the company marketing the development. Admitting he’s a big fan of the reality show, he thought the reality format would be a perfect way to showcase how potential buyers would live in and interact with the units.

“The next six weeks are purely to show off the suite, just to show off to the public how it works, how people would live in it,” Morrison explains.

Want to check it out? View the project’s live stream here!

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