Vancouverites and Torontonians are accustomed to seeing their cities receive accolades from a variety of publications and organizations.

Whether Vancouver is getting a high five for quality of life or Toronto is getting kudos for its innovative environment, the denizens of both cities do enjoy hearing about how great they are.

There’s a problem though. A list of the best places to live in Canada compiled by MoneySense didn’t place Vancouver or Toronto in the top 10. Heck, the two cities didn’t even make the top 20.

When creating the list, MoneySense looked at factors like crime rate, average household income, walk and bike-ability, and culture. Each city received a score out of a possible 105 points. So who came out on top? None other than our nation’s capital, Ottawa.

The city scored 74 points out of 105 with particularly impressive showings in the transit and culture categories.

Where did Vancouver and Toronto place? Vancouver ranked at number 56 while Toronto gave a slightly more impressive performance at number 47.

With the exception of affordable housing, neither city scored any embarrassing ranking through any of the criteria, but we guess that a bunch of mediocre marks make for a mediocre position on the list.

The top ten was rounded out by Burlington, Kingston, Halifax, Regina, Brandon, Fredericton, Edmonton, Red Deer and Winnipeg.

We’re curious how our Vancouver and Toronto readers will react to this list. After all, MoneySense is no Economist Intelligence Unit, but a mediocre ranking still stings.

See the full list on MoneySense here.

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