Developer Patrick Kennedy is all about saving space. After all, 42 per cent of San Franciscans live alone — how much space do they really need?

That’s why Kennedy’s company has designed the smallest apartment you can legally build in accordance with California building code. At 160 square feet, the apartment sounds a little cramped but it comes fully equipped with a “smart bench” that morphs into a dining banquette or guest bed, a couch that turns into a queen-sized bed, a stove top that slips under the counter and an appliance garage for all your ugly appliances.

“There’s something inherently depressing about looking at a toaster oven,” says Kennedy. A tough, but fair assessment…

If you’re claustrophobic you might not want to watch the video, but if you’re anti-claustrophobic then you’ll also love our story on how to live comfortably in 258 square feet and the architect who squeezed into a 78 square foot apartment.

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