Considering the constant stream of wild buildings being designed and built, we’re pretty sure the laws of physics don’t apply in Dubai. This tri-partite skyscraper rendering proves our point: Newtonian principles only get in the way of architects in the mega-rich metropolis.

But even if the laws of physics don’t apply, the laws of finance definitely do. The skyscraper was meant to be the centrepiece of the Jumeirah Garden City, an eye popping mixed-use master planned project in Dubai. According to the Wikipedia entry, the proposed “city within a city” will consist of 12 districts and house 50-60,000 residents.

Too bad the developer shelved the jaw-dropping project back in 2009. Simply known as “1 Dubai”, the structure promised to blow minds around the world with its uber-sustainable and inventive design. At least we know that there was an architectural will behind something so stunning and where there’s an architectural will, there’s a financial way… Sometimes it just takes a little awhile to find that way.

To ensure it lives on in our dreams, here’s a few more renderings and images of the shelved project:


Maybe string theory can explain how they planned to build a structure like this, but we sure can’t!

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