The following is a guest post by Carmen Dragomir, an interior design guru at esQape design inc. Carmen maintains an off-shoot of our site called Carmen’s Corner. It’s full of helpful and inspiring design tips for any kind of home. See part one of Carmen’s guest post on the colours of 2012 here.

Margarita is an ever green trendy color tone that will probably be around for a long time in various tones and hues as many people find this color very calming.

The ‘central park’ paint color from Benjamin Moore shows you how warm dark or light neutral colors are the best pair for it. This color doesn’t necessarily have to be the predominant color in the room- as you can see in this image, few accessories are doing the trick.

Driftwood and Starfish are again neutral tones that may be the Pantone trend for 2012 but can definitely stay in any room for many years to come.

These two colors I have selected from B. Moore as the Pantone equivalent can do wonders in a small or large space and can work on their own without any vibrant color punch.

Cockatoo is not just one of the color tones many of our readers ask about especially this time a year when spring is knocking at the door but also throughout summer.

B. Moore ‘calming green’ is one great comparison which looks very fresh when paired with cool neutrals.

In a completely white or white grey space, this area rug could be a soft accent without taking over the room, while when mixed with dark tones of charcoal it could become a strong accent that could potentially dominate a small seating area.

So now is the time to answer one of the most frequently asked question I receive from you — which colors can be combined and how?

This is a tricky one, mostly because it may not be easy to put in a formula and when done right it works like magic, but when done wrong (meaning in the wrong place or amount of each color) it could be confusing.

One designer who has a great portfolio including color mixes, Jonathan Adler has a few good examples like this dining area where accent color revolve around the black & white contrasts. or this dramatic runner with blue tones leading to an area where you can see accents of orange and reds.

Shelving units are one of those elements in any room that could bring color in and I’m talking about a strong mix of colors like in this image.

Area rugs are great opportunities for bringing in a mix of colors without feeling guilty for using too many colors. The advantage of using more than one color accent is that you can pick the predominant accent and play with it further, introduce artwork that brings out that color even more and the result could be nothing less than spectacular!

Wishing you happy mix and mingle with the colors of 2012!

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