We just checked out comScore‘s 2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus report and boy are we ever impressed.

The annual report looks at prevailing trends in web usage and demographics, online video, digital advertising and, our favourite, social media!

While the web savvy among us are likely aware of some general trends on the web — everyone and their uncle works at a coupon site, people like Netflix etc… — it’s great to see some hard data to back up what we’ve seen over the last few years.

Here’s a rundown of our favourite tidbits and factoids contained within the report:

  • Canada leads the world in online engagement, visitors spend an average of 45 hours per month online
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr are posting strong growth while Facebook is approaching a point of visitor saturation in Canada
  • YouTube dominates the video marketplace, 1 in 2 videos viewed in Canada come from YouTube
  • Smartphone penetration has reached 45 per cent in Canada and daily mobile content usage growing more than 50 per cent in several key content categories
  • Total minutes that people spent on social networking sites rose 32 per cent from 8,105 in Q4 2010 to 10,708 in Q4 2011
  • The 18-24 demographic spends the most time on social networking sites
  • Pinterest and Tumblr experienced the largest amount of growth in total unique visitors and total minutes spent when compared to Q4 2010 stats

More amazing stats can be found on comScore’s site, where you can download the full PDF of their fascinating report.

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