Calgary is on the verge of a game changing construction boom that’s set to revitalize the city.

The city is looking to build inwards to change the face of its downtown and city centres, after buyers in the past few decades have moved to the suburbs and left Calgary’s downtown district lacking vibrancy.

“It’s a new chapter for Calgary – it’s redefining the shape of the downtown core, the way we perceive living in downtown Calgary,” Susan Veres, a Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)spokeswoman, told The Globe and Mail.

“It’s unlike anything else, really, in Canada.”

So is the beginning going over well?

If this past weekend is an example of what’s to come… yes! The city’s new $2.4 million “experience centre” opened to hundreds of curious spectators eager to see what Calgary’s East Village will soon have to offer. By the time the weekend was over, two of our favourite Calgary projects — Evolution‘s Fuse and FIRST — were nearly 1/3 sold out.

In the next 13 years, the city expects 3,900 new condos will be built, and will house 11,000 people in some of Calgary’s most prime land.

Are you excited to see Calgary building inwards instead of outwards?

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