Unless you’ve been living under a (hopefully cozy!) rock, you’ve probably heard the news that BC’s government recently squashed a deal with Telus over naming rights to BC Place.

But the reasons have been a bit of a mystery until today, when the Liberals said it was a sign that crossed the line.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Telus was planning to place two signs on the outside of the stadium that were almost 2.7 metres larger than agreed.

A litte bit different than previous versions of the blame game that landed the decision on a strong desire to keep the BC Place name.

“The deal was changing so much. Then when we found out this piece, that the signs were much, much larger than what had originally been agreed to, then that was again another big change that we were confronted with,” Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Pat Bell said Monday.

“After a year of trying to work through this, and not get to a successful decision, I think the right thing to do is say, ‘Listen, let’s just not pursue this.’”

Word on the street is that Telus tried to play hardball, threatening to reduce the $1.75 million per year it was prepared to pay for naming rights if they had to change the sign size, citing proper branding and building proportions.

What do you think of the government’s decision? Were you ready to start calling BC Place Telus Place, or would the change have gone as unnoticed as the GM Place/Roger’s Arena switcheroo?


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