We knew waterfront views were expensive, but Vancouver has recently taken the unique honour of being North America’s most expensive city.

In a survey of 130 international cities, Vancouver ranked 37th most expensive when comparing over 400 individual prices across 160 products — including food, clothing, rent, and education.

The survey was conducted by the super meticulous Economist Intelligence Unit.

Although the results may not surprise anyone familiar with or currently living in Vancouver, the cities Vancouver overtook might be a little shocked.

Los Angeles was the most expensive American city, ranking 42 on the list, while the infamously expensive New York came in at spot 47.

The title of world’s most expensive city went to Zurich which beat out Tokyo for the top honour.

At the opposite end of price spectrum, Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, was the cheapest included in the survey. The more you know…

You can download the full survey here, but you’ll need to provide a bunch of info to The Economist first. We’re sure you can trust them though.

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