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Now that the record setting 2011 is over it’s time to reflect as we head into 2012.

Here’s a quick recap of the RealNet numbers in comparison to last year’s:

So high rise sales set a record but prices have gone down?!? Why is that happening?

Three possible reasons :

1) Lots of competition between developers (as of November 2011 there were 391 active sites)

2) 905 high rise share is at a record high (prices of condos in the 905 will be lower)

3) Because the unit sizes are smaller on average, the end price may have followed suit

2011 numbers were way above the norm, and I would worry if the sales pace continued into 2012. The market needs a breather for investors to achieve their yields.

So which developers have done the best in 2011? Well here’s the list:

1.       Tridel (1,664  units)

2.       Pure Plaza (1,494 units)

3.       Onni Group of Companies (1,217 units)

4.       Lifetime Developments (1,179 units)

5.       Daniels (1,140 units)

6.       Liberty Developments (1,090 units)

7.       CentreCourt (881 units)

8.       Concord Adex (871 units)

9.       Monarch (847 units)

10.     Great Gulf Homes (797 units)

This is the second year in a row at number one for Tridel. Onni, Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt are all new entrants into the top 10, muscling out Menkes, Pemberton and Canderel.

Menkes is looking to break into 2012 huge with the 1426 units they are proposing at 1 York and Canderel is not that far behind with 460 Yonge that is proposing 599 units.

All in all, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of “Location, Location, Location” because of upcoming condo projects in 2012. There will definitely be some exciting sites that are tall and have a lot of units.

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