Friday can be a bit of a slow news day in the real estate world, what with sales centres typically being closed and developers prepping for a weekend full of partying.

This Friday is different though… Streetcar has just announced that they have a new development in the works in the Queen West ‘hood, near Gladstone Avenue.

They’ve dubbed it The Carnaby Lofts and it’s located at 11 Peel Avenue. Details are slim at the moment but we do know that prices will start from the low $200,000s and that it’s a collaboration with Dundee Realty.

We’re also thinking that based the name and promo featured on the left, The Carnaby Lofts will have a fashionable English appeal. Carnaby Street is a pedestrianised shopping street in London’s Soho district where The Who and The Rolling Stones used to hang out back in the cities. Very cool indeed!

Streetcar must love the Queen West area seeing as their 2 Gladstone and 8 Gladstone developments will be located quite close to The Carnaby Lofts. We’re quite partial to it ourselves…

We’re looking forward to hearing more on this development soon, so check back often for all the latest buzz!

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