In terms of population, Surrey is slated to overtake Vancouver in the next decade.

It’s already the 12th largest city in Canada, and the second largest in BC, with its growth accounting for 37 per cent of Metro Vancouver’s growth between 2006 and 2011. That’s a lot of people!

Of course with nearly three times the landmass of Vancouver, Surrey’s rapidly increasing population and expanding infrastructure isn’t terribly surprising.

But with such a quick transition from sleepy Vancouver suburb to bustling metropolis, the folks in charge have started to prepare for their time in the spotlight.

The city has decided to put housing — especially high-density developments — and employment first. They also want to create a vibrant core to the city, including a new hospital and a civic centre that will feature a theatre and library.

We’ve certainly noticed Surrey’s budding popularity with the tsunami of awesome new housing developments popping up all over the city, and are looking forward to seeing how the city — and housing — develops.

Read more about Surrey’s rise on The Atlantic Cities website.

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