Have a look at the rendering on the left. It’s PSV at Parkside Village, the fourth tower at Amacon‘s Parkside Village community project in Mississauga.

No, that’s not all of it. We’re just testing out a new rendering unveiling technique. Can you feel the anticipation building for the full reveal below?

We sure can! PSV stands for Posh Style Vibe and will be officially released in and around the end of April so look out for more info on it in the upcoming months.

Once it’s completed Parkside Village will feature 6,000 high-rise, mid-rise and townhouse units in an 11 block, pedestrian-oriented development. PSV is the most recently unveiled high-rise tower.

Enough yakking though… We have a rendering to reveal!

For more info on PSV and the rest of the Parkside Village projects email sales@lifeatparkside.com or visit the website.

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