What happens when someone accuses us of being real estate nerds? We say, yes, we most certainly are! That’s something to be proud of here at BuzzBuzzHome and we’re always happy to meet other real estate obsessed nerds from all over the world.

Aren’t sure if your interest in real estate has become a full-blown obsession? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of tell-tale signs that you’ve got a serious case of real estate fever.

If you can relate to any of these then we’d say “Welcome to the real estate nerd club”.

1. You get a thrill out of seeing renderings for a new condo launch before they are released to the public (and, take great pride in leaking them to others).

2. You drive by condo lineups, just to check how many people are in line.

3. You get aggravated when people write “stories” as opposed to “storeys”.

4. Although you neither have any architectural background, nor training, you get upset when people don’t take your architectural opinion seriously.

5. You go over to your friend’s new condo and you know the floor plan better than they do.

6. You can’t take pictures at your friend’s wedding because your memory card is full of new construction photos.

7. Hot date on a Friday night! You take him/her to the hot new development’s sales centre opening.

8. Your last conversation with a sales rep left them more informed about the market.

9. You can name every development currently under construction in the city… in alphabetical order.

Bonus: Before you even started reading this you knew that development in the thought bubble is Howard Park by Triumph Developments.

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