The real estate loop is one of the tougher loops to stay in. Luckily, staying in this particular loop comes second nature to us. Stick with us and you’ll be kept abreast of all the must-know real estate market news.

Speaking of keeping you abreast, we recently received word that NERO will be opening this March. February is a short month (the shortest!) so this is coming up faster than you think.

The 7 storey project by Tofni Developments is promising to bring some architectural cred to the Dundas strip. For those of you who think boasts like that are all posturing, NERO has RAW Design handling its architecture so you know this project will be aesthetic dynamite.

The development will feature 75 condo residences, 3 lofthouses and 9 townhomes, so you’ve even got a little suite variety happening here. And you know what they say about variety… No, we’re not going to tell you. If you don’t know, look it up.

NERO is in the registration phase so that means that we’ll only be getting more details as the project moves through to the sales phase. Check back soon!

To register visit the website or email

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