A lot of fuss has been made over the fact that Toronto has the most high-rise buildings under construction in North America.

This has been an assumption for most Torontonians for awhile now and it was made official back in late September when the Hamburg-based Emporis released their data on high-rise construction in North America.

While Toronto deserves the attention — after all, it beats New York City 132 to 88 — we feel like the fact that Mississauga ranked in the Emporis top ten list was overlooked. Mississauga’s high-rise figure isn’t as gargantuan as Toronto’s — a solid 7 high-rises were under construction in September 2011 — but we think its position is still worth highlighting.

Mississauga is a city on the (high) rise and it’s quickly developing its own unique personality, independent of Toronto’s. Along with the 7 projects currently under construction (as of September ’11), there’s more on the way soon.

Here’s a few of our fave high-rise developments currently on the go or in their planning phases in Mississauga:

Graphic courtesy of the Globe and Mail

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