The Economist isn’t planning on ditching their revered city livability ranking any time soon, but they are spicing things up a bit for the 2012 list.

The Economist Intelligence Unit is organizing a contest with BuzzData, a web startup, that will let people build-on and augment the livability and cost of living indices with other data sets to produce new kinds of livability rankings.

Okay, so it sounds like you might need a little experience in data manipulation to enter this contest, but it sounds well worth it. Entrants will organize their own livability ranking into awesome info infographics (our favourite) and the winning entry will be awarded $10,000.

The hope is the big cash prize will inspire people to get super creative with their rankings.

The deadline for submission is March 4 so if you’re a stats geek with a flair for design you better get your thinking cap on.

Those familiar with The Economist’s Livability Ranking  know that Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary came in third, fourth and fifth place respectively. Vancouver residents were a little peeved that their city didn’t nab the number one spot, as it so often does.

Will the winning entry share the sentiment that these Canadian cities are full of awesomeness? We’ll just have to wait and find out…

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