Last summer we were captivated by Daniels‘ ongoing revitalization of the east side of downtown Toronto.

We toured the site of their Paintbox Condominiums project and learned all about The Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre that will be connected to Paintbox in a variety of ways.

We were lovin’ it in all kinds of ways and now we’re floored to learn more about One Park Place, the second phase of the Regent Park Revitalization.

The new Daniels development will overlook the six acre community park, The Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre, the Regional Aquatic Centre and an Urban Mews that will connect many of the community’s amenities.

The Mews is also designed to become a gathering place for local markets, retailers and community performers. How awesome does that sound?

One Park Place is under construction now and Daniels have a pretty tip-top offer on the go for all potential purchasers.

It’s called the Inner Circle Membership and includes benefits like special preview pricing, an invite to the first advance sale, first choice of suites, floors and views and a whole bunch of other cool stuff!

There’s a membership fee of $300 that will be applied to the purchase of a new suite. If you decide not to make the purchase, the fee is refunded! Well played, Daniels, well played.

Like all good offers, this one is for a limited time… Get on it sooner, rather than later.

We’ll be buzzing more on this one as more info starts rolling in. Check back often!

For more info call 416 955 0559 or visit the One Park Place website by clicking here.

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