They say good things come in twos.

No? They don’t say that? Well, they will now. That’s because for a limited time, Collection 45 in Vancouver is offering $10,000 off the purchase of their next two homes.

Collection 45, by MYIE Homes, is inspired by European minimalism and restraint. This means that they embrace natural light, and maximize open space, giving you plenty of room to enjoy to Vancouver views and clutter-free living.

Located on E. Broadway, near Main St., Collection 45 offers ultra convenience along with its ultra modern design in one of Vancouver’s most exciting neighbourhoods. That’s an ultra great combination if you ask us!

We probably don’t have to point out this is an extremely limited time offer, so be sure to check out Collection 45 before someone snatches this deal up…

For more info email or call 604 569 1555. Visit the project’s website by clicking here!

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