You can learn a lot about collective mood and behaviour by analyzing a slew of tweets.

Just recently a study was conducted that analyzed the “happiness level” of more than 46 billion words on Twitter. The study drew the grand conclusion that happiness was on the decline. Pretty heavy stuff…

While that’s interesting and all, we like this study a lot better! Digital marketing firm TBK Creative recently compiled data from more than 1 million tweets on the hunt for three dirty words (they start with F, S and D). They separated the tweets by city and were able to conclude which Canadian cities are the rudest on Twitter.

So what city can claim the dubious honour of most vulgar city? That would be Brampton, Ontario, the rapidly growing western suburb of Toronto. A little surprised? We are too!

In order to be counted the tweet had to include the city’s name and one or more of TBK’s trio of swears.

Here’s the top 10 most vulgar cities in Canada on Twitter (cool graphic courtesy of TBK):

Just one question: Where the heck is Vancouver? That fresh Pacific Ocean air must do wonders for politeness…

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