We always knew Calgary had some serious street cred, but there’s a new study backing up its stellar reputation.

New Geography just released its list of the world’s fastest growing cities, and Calgary is featured in the top 20.

The list is a bit different than the ones we normally see as New Geography chose to ignore established world players like New York, sprawling mega cities like Mexico City, and recent newcomers like Toronto that have gained popularity and charm in the last few decades.

Instead, New Geography focuses on emerging powerhouses — those cities that are rising stars ready to take their spot on the world stage.

So who else made the cut with Calgary? Cities like Chongqing, Ahmedabad, Tel Aviv, Austin, and Melbourne, to name a few. It’s a pretty diverse list with a lot of remarkable places we’ll be sure to hear a lot more about in the not-so-distant future.

Calgary made the grade for being business-friendly and affordable to live in, even when you have a family. New Geography also noted the city’s lower taxes and less stringent regulations for business. Demand from China and India is expected to speed up a sluggish energy industry, clinching Calgary’s fastest growing city status.

With New Geography expecting Calgary to be one of Canada’s top cities in no time, it’s no wonder we’re seeing so many exciting and new home developments popping up.

What’s your opinion on New Geography’s list? Do you think a major player is missing, or included when it shouldn’t be? How do you feel about Calgary being the sole Canadian city to make the cut?

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