We always thought San Francisco was one of the most progressive cities in the US, but judging by this new addition to the urban landscape, the city is getting back to the basics.

Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman collaborated with an architect and an engineer to build and position this rustic wooden cabin 40 feet up the side of the Hotel des Arts in downtown San Fran.

The outdoor installation is titled “Manifest Destiny” and according to Design Boom, “the dwelling is meant to be an homage to the romantic spirit of the western myth and a commentary on the arrogance of westward expansion.”

We’re into it! The only thing that would make it cooler is if someone was actually living in it, but alas it would likely be a little cramped.

The dimensions? W7 x D8 x H11 feet. Okay, make it a little wider and we’ll move in. Check out a larger photo and a video of the cabin being installed below… Photos by Cesar Rubio Photography.

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