If there’s one thing we like more than sales centre tours, it’s getting a sales centre tour before anyone else does. We guess it’s just one of the perks of being a BuzzBuzzHomie.

We had the opportunity to tour and photograph the Abacus Lofts sales centre at 1245 Dundas Street West, situated on the site of the future 8 storey condo.

The DAZ project sports a unique aesthetic designed by those unstoppable architects over at RAW Design. The visually stunning architecture will fit in perfectly with the already-exciting community.

Those who know what’s what in Toronto’s arts community know that Dundas and Ossington is a creative hub and brimming with cool bars and restaurants.

The sales centre will be opening to the public soon; stay tuned for more details on that!

In the meantime, we’re pleased to present this sneak peek of the sales centre before anyone else. Check out our pics and register at the Abacus Lofts website for more info!

Why rely on Google Streetview when we've got the most up-to-date images of the sales centre facade?

Model suite time! Another great piece of work from the scale model extraordinaires at Myles Burke.

RAW Design is behind the unique architecture that Abacus is sporting. It will rise 8 storeys above Dundas Street and contain 39 units.

We thought this ceiling ornament was very cool. Very po-mo, or just regular mo, we're not art experts...

The token artsy shot!

The sales centre contains a very nice kitchen vignette. Well lit too!

Aside from handling the excellent architecture, RAW Design also worked on the interiors.

We think this angle makes the bathroom look especially opulent. Thoughts?

For more info visit the Abacus website or email paul@pauljohnston.com. Stay tuned for more details on the sales centre opening!

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