Here BuzzBuzzHome News, we like to write about super small suites just as much as we like to write about outrageously large penthouses and mansions.

Why? Because small suites can be just as interesting as exorbitantly sized ones, especially when the owner gets creative with the layout. This video is a perfect example of a small suite owner (in this case, 450 square feet) taking his apartment to the next level. Here’s a little excerpt from the write-up the accompanied this video:

“In 2005, third-grade-teacher Eric Schneider bought as big as an apartment as he could afford in Manhattan. He paid $235,000 for a 450-square-foot studio with a tiny kitchen.

Then he let architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects design a way to pack more density into his small space.

In order to fit more apartment in a small footprint, they created an object that’s bigger than furniture, but smaller than architecture and that morphs with the changing activities of a day. It’s a large, blue, oversized cabinet that houses all of the walls/bed/tables/shelving/closets needed for at least 4 full-sized rooms.”

Of course, to learn more all you need to do is watch the video, so do it! Now!!

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