Looks like all the booklearnin’ has really paid off!

In a “Top 10 Smartest Cities” list meticulously compiled by Boyd Cohen, an author and climate strategist, Toronto ranks at number two.

Cohen defines smart cities as cities that “use information and communication technologies (ICT) to be more intelligent and efficient in the use of resources, resulting in cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and quality of life, and reduced environmental footprint — all supporting innovation and the low-carbon economy. Wow! That’s quite the definition.

Cohen published his list on business and tech site Fast Company and after awarding Vienna the top honour of smartest city on the planet, he moved on to Toronto, the highest rated smart city in North America.

Here are his reasons for placing Toronto at number two: The city’s place within the Clinton 40 megacities, “which seek to transition to the low-carbon economy”; the Smart Commute Toronto initiative created to increase transit efficiency; and the city’s garbage trucks’ shift to begin using natural gas from landfills.

Cohen also spoke about his methodology, explaining that he used “about a dozen global and regional rankings of smart-city components in order to develop a global ranking of smart cities.” A couple of rankings he used are the Innovation Cities Top 100 Index from 2thinknow, Mercer quality of life index, Siemens’ regional rankings of green cities, and the digital governance in municipalities worldwide study.

Sweet! Here’s the rest of the list for those who are curious:

1. Vienna
2. Toronto (yea!)
3. Paris
4. New York
5. London
6. Tokyo
7. Berlin
8. Copenhagen
9. Hong Kong
10. Barcelona

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