Most new residential developments don’t have much of a history beyond when the plans for the project were first approved, the architecture perfected and the soil turned.

This isn’t a bad thing at all. Every building needs to start somewhere and it’s often the beginning of a rich history that has yet to be written.

However, The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia, a condo development under construction in Vancouver, already has a rich history and it hasn’t even been finished yet!

How did that happen? It all started in the 1920s when the Hotel Georgia was built. Back in the day, it was the hip place to stay for a slew of celebs to stay when they were in Vancouver. Stars like John Wayne, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Katharine Hepburn were known to hang around when they were in town. But many decades and distinguished guests later, the hotel was in need of some resurrecting.

The resurrection began in 2006 when Delta Land Development, the global development firm, moved in to take over. For Delta, getting the hotel going again was key, but the company also saw an opportunity to create more grade A real estate.

Enter the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia, the 48 storey luxury residential tower under construction adjacent to the historic Hotel Georgia. The Private Residences will boast 156 units ranging in size from 1028 to 3700 square feet. Prices start at $1,349,000 and top off at $9,655,000 and construction is expected to wrap up this year.

Now, living near a world class hotel usually doesn’t afford you any perks, but in this case residents of the Private Residences will benefit from access to hotel services and amenities like valet service, owner pricing for Sense, the Rosewood Spa, access to the fitness centre and swimming pool, housekeeping and more!

Doesn’t that just sound like a treat? It kind of makes you want to be a part of this development’s illustrious history, doesn’t it?

For more info email or calls the sales centre at 604 682 8107. Visit the project’s website by clicking right here!

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