In a very unpatriotic move, Canadians polled by Ipsos Reid on their top brands named Apple their fave, followed by Google and Ikea.

We’ve just gotta ask, where’s the timbit love guys?

We guess it’s forgivable, the survey asked 1,013 Canadian adults what the country’s most “leading edge” brand is and Tim’s, while still an early morning necessity, isn’t exactly a leading edge brand.

According to Global News: “Respondents were asked to identify what ‘leading edge’ meant to them by considering if 14 different statements applied to about 100 brands. The statements asked Canadians if they felt the brands in question were trendsetting, unique, unconventional, innovative, original, ahead of its time, and forever changing the consumer landscape.”

Here’s a few examples of the statements included in the poll: “Is a trendsetter”; “Is unique”; “Is sexy”; “Is edgy” and “Is an original”.

Tim Hortons did manage to crack the top 10, ranking at number 8. Here’s the full listomania to satisfy your curiosity:

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Ikea
4. Microsoft
5. Cirque de Soleil
6. Coca-Cola
7. President’s Choice
8. Tim Hortons
9. YouTube
10. SONY

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