You can knock on wood all you like, but when it comes to earthquake preparedness, it’s far more important to plan ahead and ensure buildings in earthquake prone areas are outfitted to withstand any seismic wave that the Earth can throw at them.

It turns out that nature’s design makes wood an effective material, not just to knock on, but to use to build earthquake resistant buildings.

Sail, the new 6 storey mid-rise project by Adera, will be the first wood frame building of its kind in the UBC area and the design incorporates some of the most advanced technologies in construction to ensure safe and healthy living. Skeptical as to a tall wood frame building’s ability to handle an earthquake of any significant magnitude? The video below will convince you otherwise.

It’s a demo from 2009 in which a full-scale seven storey wood framed condo tower not only survives a 7.5 magnitude simulated earthquake, but escapes with only a scratch on it. It’s amazing! Have a look:


When it comes to their future residents, Adera is putting safety first. We’ll have more buzz on Sail as it comes, so check back soon!

For more info call the sales centre at 604 221 8878.

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