Following a little bit of planning, designing, coding, and hard work by our design and engineering teams, BuzzBuzzHome released a new site update dubbed “Project 15” on January 25th at 6:00pm.

You might be asking yourself, “What in the world is Project 15?” Well, if you’re reading this post, you may also have noticed a couple of not-so-subtle changes to the site.

The standard point of entry on BuzzBuzzHome is the home page. But oh, wait a second. What is this slick new incarnation that you’ve stumbled upon? No, its not a trick; we launched a new home page! What’s new? Well… a lot of things.

The content has been redistributed in a manner more pleasing to the eyes. We made the search bar larger. We made photos and thumbnails bigger (to spotlight all those awesome projects — and forum user faces). But don’t panic, Leonard the Bee is still there. But he got a little shy and flew down to the bottom of the page.

Beyond these front-end touch-ups, we also made some deeper enhancements.

In particular, we added animated clustering to the map. In a nutshell, when there are more than 200 project icons on the map, they now merge together forming clusters in a snazzy animated motion.

Back to aesthetics, the header and footer on all pages have been re-designed. Try not to stare at them for too long — they have a hypnotising effect. We did away with that big black line separating the header from the main page content and made the search bar more defined for easier searching.

Want to give us some feedback? Amazing! Just click the “Feedback” button, located on the right side of every page, and drop us a line.

Give Project 15 a try and let us know what ya think!

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