Picasso‘s presentation centre is not open to the public yet, but we managed to sweet talk our way inside… All it took was a few jars of honey to grease the wheels and we were in the front door.

The sales centre is located at the corner of Queen and John, not far from the Richmond street address where Picasso will be built.

The project by The Goldman Group and Monarch is promising to bring a little more artistic integrity to the hot area with envelope-pushing architecture by Teeple Architects.

We’ve been loving the look of this development ever since we saw the preliminary rendering back in October so naturally we were excited to see what the developers had whipped up in the presentation centre. As you would expect, we brought along our trusty camera to document our tour of the presentation centre. Enjoy this BuzzBuzz Exclusive!

Love the juxtaposition of the scale model and the rendering.

The 35 storey tower was designed by Teeple Architects.

The adjective "iconic" gets tossed around pretty freely these days, but we feel like it's warranted when describing Picasso.

Picasso's architecture allowed for a large number of terraces to be built into the building's exterior, including a grand terrace that will sit atop the tower's 10 storey base.

The vignettes weren't finished yet though they were well on their way. For those who are curious, UNION31 is handling interiors at Picasso.

The bathroom vignette.

The designer also did a bang-up job on the presentation centre.

The red flourishes in the sales centre mimic Picasso's exterior.

For more information visit the Monarch Group website or email tania@tradeuprealestate.com.

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