There are a ton of great new developments and opportunities in Vancouver and the vast metropolitan area that surrounds it, but it’s no secret that the city has been struggling with affordability, density and a range of other issues that many growing cities face.

Yesterday we posted a story about Vancouver’s ranking as the second least affordable housing market in the world. While most folks are aware of the issues, a constructive, inclusive discussion is an essential first step to actually addressing them in an effective way.

That’s where More Homes for More People comes in. More Homes for More People is an initiative by the Urban Development Institute, an industry body representing over 550 of BC’s developers.

The goal is to start a conversation about housing in Metro Vancouver by engaging with a broad range of issues. Instead singling out a specific problem, the conversation will encompass affordability, density, sustainability, homebuyers, the role of municipalities, and how various social interest groups fit into the equation. While that seems like a tall order, it all boils down to the fact that Vancouver is growing and must meet the housing needs of more people in the city.

That’s all well and good, but what exactly is More Homes for More People hoping to accomplish? The list is a long one: More housing types for more types of people! Housing that is affordable and accessible to more people! More housing starts for the greater number of family formations starting!

There’s so much to talk about and plan for to ensure Vancouver’s future is a bright one. The discussion is already well under way on the More Homes Facebook page and Twitter.

It’s also a very unique initiative because, although it’s backed by builders, More Homes for More People is more interested in finding solutions to these problems than trying to sell a brand.

We’re hoping to see a lot more on this as buzz grows, so expect fresh news and updates soon!

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