You probably read the title of this post and were pretty confused. You should be… We were pretty puzzled when we first heard about this story as well.

Turns out that realtors in California are getting creative and more than a little tech savvy with the way they shoot aerial footage of homes.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles Police Department has issued a warning to realtors using drones to make sure they abide by federal aviation regulations.

We’re not realtors ourselves, but we’d imagine that most are not up-to-date on all the latest federal aviation regulations (sorry, realtors, if that’s an inaccurate assumption).

Unmanned aircraft cannot be operated in US airspace without specific permission. Makes sense!

Realtors have been using drones as an alternative to posting terrestrial photos or using a helicopter, according to NBC Los Angeles.

When some folks think of airborne drones, surely images of Predator aircraft deployed in war zones come to mind.

Apparently the drone these realtors have been using are more “spider-like”. Freaky… but we can’t fault these realtors for their creativity, although obeying federal aviation regulations is probably a good idea.

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