Even the most weather-resilient Torontonians have a tough time resisting the temptation to hibernate on especially cold winter days. That’s to be expected when the wind chill drags the temperature down to minus 20.

But in the real estate world, unaccommodating weather can spell doom for a developer’s opening event. Most of us don’t have any trouble giving a friend’s super fun birthday party a miss if the weather looks off; what are the chances we’ll be willing to brave to cold to make it to a new development’s premiere?

This was definitely not the case when Howard Park: Residences in Roncesvalles Village opened with a spectacularly well-attended event in the wintry month of December.

More than 600 people were in attendance and while that figure sounds high, it really speaks volumes about the popularity and quality of this new development.

For one, Howard Park is situated in a great neighbourhood — one that will only get better as the years go by.

Triumph Developments
have also assembled what amounts to a development dream team, with RAW Design working on the architecture and Ferris + Associates adeptly handling the landscaping.

You can learn more about the eye-catching architecture RAW has planned for this development by checking out our interview with Roland Rom Colthoff, one of RAW’s principals.

Sales at Howard Park have been moving along briskly, so anyone who wants to get in on the action should act now, rather than later.

For more info visit the sales centre at 60 Howard Park Avenue. Sales centre hours are Monday to Wednesday, 12 to 6pm; Thursday, 3 to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5pm. You can call 416 873 0989 or email info@howardpark.ca to get the skinny.

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