It’s Vanilla Ice… Sorry for the somewhat misleading headline, but you wouldn’t have read the story otherwise!

That being said, remember back in 1990 when it seemed like Vanilla Ice was on top of the world? When it looked like he would take hip hop to dizzying new heights?

After all, Ice Ice Baby was the first hip hop single to top the Billboard charts! While Ice Ice Baby may bring back memories ranging from fond to horrible, we’ll bet you didn’t know that after Vanilla Ice’s rap career cooled down, he became very passionate about real estate.

Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, starred in a home improvement show dubbed “The Vanilla Ice Project” in which he takes a decrepit home in South Florida and makes it beautiful again. The show premiered on the DIY Network and was successful enough to secure a second season of 13 episodes, set to premier soon.

In an Associated Press article that is arguably far too long, Rob Van Winkle explained that his passion for real estate began when he made millions of dollars on properties he bought at the height of his fame. After his star faded (a real shame!), he dove further into the real estate world, educating himself by studying markets and taking advantage of short sales and foreclosures.

According to the article: “Matt Levine, with Departure Films, said he had done a special on Vanilla Ice for the Biography Channel several years ago. So when the production company was looking to duplicate the success of “Flip This House,” a hit on the A&E Network, Levine said he remembered Van Winkle talking about his real estate experience. When Levine called, he learned that Van Winkle was in the process of buying a large, completely gutted foreclosure in Palm Beach.”

Who would have thought?

You can check out a YouTube clip of the show by clicking here! You’re probably asking, “Why didn’t you embed the video? Don’t you know how to use the Internet?”

Yes we do, but we really wanted to save room for this:

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