Is anyone really surprised that Facebook may officially be one of the most valuable companies in the world soon? Facebook is expected to go public at some point between April and June and while the company has kept a low profile (LOL!) about its IPO, it’s widely known that Zuckerberg and co. are preparing to raise $10 billion this year which would bring their public value to $100 billion.

We found this very awesome infographic on Internet know-it-all site, Mashable. We stopped short of shamelessly re-posting it (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but we decided to toss up a couple of our favourite sections of their infographic here for your enjoyment.

As you can see here, a $100 billion valuation would make Facebook more valuable than pretty ubiquitous brands. Is this really so hard to believe? For some it might seem that Facebook kinda sprung up out of nowhere so it’s likely hard to comprehend how it could possibly be more valuable than McDonalds and Disney, companies that have been around for generations.

Think about it though: there are 10s of millions of people (at least) who use Facebook multiple times everyday. People have Facebook on their phones, they plan their birthdays using Facebook Events and post photos of their kids for their friends to see. While it’s a bit of an apple and oranges comparison, can Disney or McDonalds claim to be so vital to so many people’s daily lives?

Online advertising is a difficult business. Facebook seems to be doing pretty well with it though and there’s definitely plenty of room for growth as they perfect their platform.

So how much does Zuck stand to take away from this enormous valuation? A cool $25 billion or $50 from each of his daily users. He could be the richest person in the world soon enough.

Thanks to Mashable for their infographic. You can view the full graphic in all its glory here.

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