While it hasn’t been built yet, the renderings of The Scotts Tower in Singapore are enough to have us drooling on our keyboard.

The 31 storey tower will be situated near the luxury shopping district, Orchard Road and boast panoramic views of the city, gardens, swimming pools and barbecue pavilions.

Those sound like pretty standard features at first, but what makes the tower unique is the “Sky Frames” that will house all these amenities. The Sky Frames are the voids in the tower’s design created through some inventive architecture work by UNStudio. It looks like there’s chunks missing from the tower’s facade, but we assure you that this was an intentional design flourish.

As you can see from the renderings, chunks will be missing from the top to accommodate the terrace and bottom of the building to accommodate the lobby.

Here’s more on the Sky Frames from UNStudio:

“They represent the connecting element of the tower to Singapore City; projecting the identity of the tower to the city, whilst simultaneously bringing the city to the tower by framing the cityscape views at the Sky Garden level and embracing the neighbouring green park areas at the Lobby Terrace levels.”

Loving it! Let’s have a look at more of these epic renderings, shall we?

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