It was only a couple months ago that the Earth’s population officially hit the 7 billion mark.

That’s a lot of people inhabiting this little planet, but by 2050, the population is expected to balloon even further to 9 billion. With that type of population growth, us Earthlings are going to have to get creative with the way we live and the structures we live in.

While the ongoing densification of our urban centres is helpful, some say it’s not enough. In order to accommodate 9 billion people, some say we’ll need to get a little weird.

Welcome to the Ekinoid Project: 2012. This UK based project hopes to produce free/open plans for spherical houses that sit atop poles seven feet above the ground. Their aim: to build a spherical pole house in a week.

According to the Ekinoid website:

“Ekinoid homes will be designed to be as easy as is pratically possible to fabricate (ideally using no expert knowledge or skills), house a family of three/four, and will take under one week to build. Ideally, the main structure should last over 100 years (and then be recycled).

All parts of an Ekinoid home will be designed to suit the local climate and terrain, and will be delivered on-site for fabrication. We think one crane (possibly two) and a team of approximately four people (one skilled, three unskilled) would be adequate for the one-week construction of each house; and after, these newly-skilled people (the new owners) might then help to build more Ekinoid homes, and train new owners.”

Practical and forward-thinking? Or just plain wacky? You make the call!

And to help you make that call, here’s another a couple more photos:

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