Time lapse videos make everything look awesome. Watching grass grow? Way more exciting when it’s shown in time lapse!

This video showcases something a lot more exciting than grass growing, but the time lapse element is just as important. The Broad Group, a builder in China, erected this 30 storey hotel prototype in just 360 hours, that’s only half a month’s worth of work for something that sometimes takes a year. Keep in mind that this is pre-fab and wasn’t built entirely in 15 days, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Imagine if you were on vacation for a couple weeks and when you returned there was a 30 storey building where an empty lot had once sat. You’d definitely be blown away.

Aside from boasting some very epic music, the video details the environmental and safety features that the building sports (9.0 magnitude earthquake resistant, energy efficient, air quality monitoring). Cool stuff indeed!

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