Ever been on a stroll through Rosedale in Toronto or Westmount in Montreal and wondered if you were walking through the richest neighbourhood in the entire country?

Money ain’t everything, but questions like this are still very interesting and clearly we’re not the only ones intrigued by this thought. Canadian Business Network put together a very comprehensive list of the 10 richest neighbourhoods/postal codes in each province and then compiled the highest numbers into a supreme, top 10 richest ‘hoods in Canada list.

Broken down by average net worth, these lists paint an interesting picture of our fair country.

Lawrence Park, the uber-affluent neighbourhood that’s demarcated by Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue to the northwest and Bayview to the east, wins out over Westmount and Rosedale as Canada’s wealthiest neighbourhood with an average net worth of $3.824 million (2010). Westmount only narrowly missed the top spot with an average net worth of $3.693 million while Rosedale cashed in at $3.642 million.
Springbank was the wealthiest Albertan neighbourhood on the Canada-wide list and Chartwell and Horseshoe Bay in BC both ranked in the Canadian top 10.

The top 10 was predictably dominated by Ontario, being the province with the largest population and the economic hub of the country n’ all. But don’t get too comfortable at the top, Ontario, Lawrence Park experienced a decline in average net worth between 2009 and 2010 while Westmount’s grew. Oh, and let’s not forget about Alberta’s drive to overtake Ontario as the country’s economic powerhouse region.

Will this list change in the next few years? We’ll just have to wait and find out!

Check out the chart below to get all the essential stats on Canada’s richest ‘hoods (courtesy of Canadian Business Network):

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