We always love a good green story and this is the best one we’ve heard in awhile.

Vancouver-based Valcent Products, in collaboration with EasyPark, has developed a plan to convert the roof of a city-owned parkade to a high-tech vertical growing space.

The future 6,000 square foot greenhouse will have the capacity to produce 95 tonnes of fresh vegetables in a year. Situated at 535 Richards Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the underused space — once it goes green — will surely help the city keep its title as Canada’s greenest city.

Construction on the high tech greenhouse will begin in January and the plan is to harvest the first crop in April. The layout of the greenhouse’s interior will be futuristic and certainly a sight to marvel at. According to the Vancouver Sun:

“Four metre high stacks of growing trays on motorized conveyors will ferry plants up, down and around for watering, to capture the sun’s rays and then move them into position for an easy harvest.”

Sounds incredible! What’s even more interesting about this project is that the greenhouse will cover less than half of the available space on the parkade roof. This means that the possibility for a second greenhouse is definitely open.

This won’t be the first time that a Valcent’s Verticrop system gets up and running in a big urban area. Valcent already developed one (picture above) at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, UK.

Vancouverites won’t need to go urban foraging anymore. It looks like some real farmer’s field veggies will be coming to the downtown core soon enough!

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